About Uebervinyl

I love records! And actually also CDs, Spotify, Youtube and all other sources of good music. I’m not dogmatic about that.

I am also a collector. But I’m not particularly interested in expensive originals. I want the best sounding version. And this is where the audiophile reissues come into play.

Because, as I said, the originals are expensive. Many (by no means all) inexpensive re-releases do not sound good, were heavily compressed during mastering or simply badly pressed.

The often somewhat more expensive reissues from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Impex, Analogue Productions and many others promise good sound and overall a more than just decent production. This starts with the sturdy cover and does not end with a flat pressed disc.

But is that always true? Do the expensive reissues really sound better than the originals? I am trying to get to the bottom of this question. By listening, comparing, possibly also by measuring – I’m trying this out a bit at the moment…

I usually compare current reissues with pressings from my collection. If I don’t have an LP to compare with, I sometimes use a CD or (ohjemineh, what am I doing?) Spotify. Please don’t crucify me for that right away.

I am not a professional music journalist, nor am I a trained sound engineer. Music has been my hobby for many years. So if I hear something that you don’t hear, that can happen. It is also possible that I do NOT hear something that others clearly do. After all, hi-fi is not an exact science.

And if I ever make a mistake, please bear with me.

In addition to my actual job, I have turned part of my hobby into a profession and deal in CDs and LPs. Not entirely voluntarily, by the way. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I sell used CDs and records on Discogs. Every now and then there is something audiophile there. But I’m happy about every order.

I also draw on other competent sources. Like-minded people who pursue the same question in blogs, Youtube or podcasts.

If anyone is also keen to write reviews, please feel very welcome to get in touch.

Have fun at UEBERVINYL!