At some point I decided to sell my CD collection. Over the years, it had grown quite stately: about 2,500 pieces took up almost an entire wall of shelf space. Out with it! I’d rather buy records. And if I want to listen digitally, I can find most of it on Spotify.
No sooner said than done. I put the tracks on Discogs one by one and sold worldwide. I was happy about the money I made, bought a nice guitar and had fun.

Here you can find my Discogs shop

Until one day I told my tax advisor about my side business. He was of the opinion that it was all taxable and strongly advised me to register a business and declare everything in the next tax return. 

Suddenly I was a record dealer. Then I could do it properly as well. So I started buying CD and record collections and distributing them through my different channels (I used to sell on Ebay too, but not any more). My repertoire is a colourful mix. Every now and then there is also something audiophile. Have a look.

I am happy about every order.