What is the Mofi Silver Label?

Whereas the Original Master Recordings always uses only the original master tape, for the Silver Label Mofi will also accept good copies of the master tape. This may be necessary if the original tape is lost or damaged. More and more often the labels will be either offered digital files or copies of the original tape. For example, when the original tapes are not allowed to leave the record companies’ vaults for security reasons.

When copies of the master tape are the better choice

In such cases MFSL checks whether the quality of the source material offered meets the in-house quality standards. If this is the case, Mofi will publish on the Silver Label. This need not always result in a worse sound than the original tapes. Especially older master tapes, which have been used for many reissues and have been played accordingly often, do not sound as good as they should. Often the coating on old tapes partially peels off. If the sensitive tapes are not stored optimally, further damage can occur. In this case, a well stored copy of first or second generation tape may even sound better than the original.

The Silver Label series extends the repertoire

In any case, the Silver Label series considerably extends the repertoire of possible Mofi releases. The quality standard for cutting and pressing – as Mofi representatives assure again and again – is exactly the same as for the OMR series.

All Silver Label Reissues are Limited Editions

Silver label releases can be recognized by a silver stripe at the top of the cover and the inscription “Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab”. Mofi started this series in 2011. All Silver Label releases are numbered and limited to small quantities. RTI presses on 140g vinyl. The records are sold with a padded rice paper inner cover and a protective intermediate cover (Stiffener). The Silver Label Series meets the same requirements as the Original Master Recording Series.